Call 24/7 to schedule transportation 781-246-5223 888-511-2155 Copyright 2013 Eastern Ambulance Service, LLC About Eastern Ambulance Service Since 1995 Eastern Ambulance has been providing prompt, caring, and professional service to patients needing ambulance transportation in the Metro Boston, North Shore and Merrimack Valley areas.   We are a family owned business centrally located in Woburn to serve your medical transportation needs.  Our employees – both the EMTs on the ambulances and the office staff – are well trained professionals who care about our patients and go above and beyond the expected to deliver exceptional care and support.  It is common for patients to send thank you letters extolling the wonderful care they received during a difficult time. We are in-network with most insurance companies, ensuring that our patients have the lowest out of pocket costs for their transportation, we accept all insurance plans, and take the lead in dealing directly with the insurer regarding any payment issues most of which are resolved without the patient’s direct involvement.  We do our best to ensure that our patients can focus on their recovery, not dealing with their insurance company. Call today to book your ambulance transportation and experience Eastern Ambulance’s exceptional service.