Call 24/7 to schedule transportation 781-246-5223 888-511-2155 Copyright 2013 Eastern Ambulance Service, LLC Billing and Insurance Eastern Ambulance Service accepts Medicare, Medicaid, and All Commercial Insurance Plans. Frequently Asked Questions: Will you bill my insurance for my ambulance transportation? Yes- After you (or your dependant) is transported we will bill your Insurance Company, depending on your plan, after they pay their share, you may receive a bill from us for your deductible or co-insurance. I received a bill for the full amount, but I have insurance, What do I do? This probably means that we were unable to obtain your insurance info at the time of service. Please contact us with the insurance information, and we will bill the insurance company for your transportation. You can either email us the info or call 781-569-6003 ext 103. My Insurance Company denied coverage, is there anything I can do? Yes- Eastern will work with you to file an appeal. In many cases it is just a matter of supplying additional documentation. In the case that the appeal is denied, then the patient (or guardian) is responsible for payment. I am a Dialysis Patient, can you provide ongoing ambulance or chair car transportation? Yes, we can set up a regular schedule to transport you from your home or Nursing Home to your appointments. Call our Communication Center (781-246-5223) to set up your transportation. Marianne Fackovec Partner and Chief Financial Officer