Call 24/7 to schedule transportation 781-246-5223 888-511-2155 Copyright 2013 Eastern Ambulance Service, LLC Eastern Ambulance Service’s President, Hank Fackovec’s best friend, Charlie, experienced kidney failure due to complications of diabetes at a young age. Charlie started dialysis in 1978 at age 24. In the late 1970’s ambulance or chair car transportation for dialysis patients was not available and because Hank’s schedule as an overnight NYC EMS Paramedic allowed it, he drove Charlie to and from his dialysis appointments where he witnessed first-hand the physical and emotional stresses that accompanied the treatments. Though Charlie was an otherwise healthy guy, he often felt awful after treatments. By monitoring how he felt after treatments and comparing the amount of fluid taken off in the session, we worked with the center staff to find an ideal treatment time. Why is Eastern Ambulance the best choice for transportation to and from your dialysis appointments? ~ We understand the unique needs of dialysis patients:        Our sensitive, caring EMTs strive to provide our patients with      the most comfortable and comforting experience. ~ We take the time to get to know each of our patients:  Our     EMTs are encouraged to spend time getting to know our         patients; they know who likes an extra blanket after their     treatment, who prefers to have the lights dimmed in the truck,     which early morning patient likes having a cup of coffee brought     to them. ~ Strict clinical monitoring of patient’s condition and weights.    Each patient’s chart is monitored daily for trends that can give    early warning of a problem. ~ On Time Performance:  We understand that on time arrival and            pick up affect not only the patient but also the staff and schedule of           the dialysis center. ~   Communication Book:  Eastern provides each patient with a           Communication Book to facilitate information sharing between the           Dialysis Center and the patient’s nursing home or in-home           caregivers, as well as with a tote bag to carry their personal              belongings.  ~   Transportation to your Doctor’s appointments: One of the           reasons Charlie lived so long and had a great quality of life was           getting regular checkups  and medical care. Eastern can help with           transportation to all of your medical appointments. Thanks to his dialysis treatments and the care and support of his family and friends, Charlie lived for over 30 years on dialysis.  It is Eastern’s goal that with our care and support our dialysis patients will enjoy similar longevity and quality of life, while feeling as well cared for as Charlie did. Learning from Charlie’s experiences, Hank has designed Eastern’s care model to provide our patients with the finest care in the industry. ~   A direct line to Hank- If you, your family or your other caregivers have any questions or concerns about transportation, Hank is always available and will respond promptly to resolve any issues.